Whether you are an athlete, a parent, an entrepreneur, or a leader in any realm, you must have passion in order to be successful. Passion is a trait that is found universally across all industries, and with passion, not much else can distract us from achieving our goals.
By embracing the daily grind, regular competition, and continual career growth, a winning mindset is developed. But in the end, it’s you vs. you.
Do you look to phone it in when you aren’t feeling 100% or when things aren’t going your way? Is what is standing in your way just an excuse?
Winners don’t care about excuses. They just keep forging ahead, even when it’s uphill and wind in their faces.
We talk with Michael Easter about his book, The Comfort Crisis, his travels to remote areas of Alaska, social media’s influence on the current generation, and his unique path through discomfort to make his own life better.